Free domain name service


about started with this reason to decrease costs and try to coverage local businesses.

we can see many developers are joining the internet and want to utilize their ideas, they need to understand "will their ideas be successful?" so i want to help them to start from zero and we support them. they need an internet address and give them.
another side, someone wants to have a business in a local, will give them some local and short address they can brand their names.
now we give them local domain names for guilan province.


what we offer

dns support

a record, cname, forward domain

no advertise

you do not see any advertisement and promotion on your website

simple & easy

a simple panel and no need knowledge, feel free to ask

free services

no need to pay for some services. without hidden costs


there is a ticketing system in the panel.


even you can shorten your long url or use bitly with your subz domain.

add subdomain

the system is native but support subdomain for your domain name.


renew and update data.

development is not best, so it attempts to be better.


what we have created

a free platform for Polls

free GAP messenger media bank


choose a payment plan that works for you


1 free domain names

renew every 6 months


verified customer

3 free domain names

renew every 6 months


caspian seal

5000 free domain names

renew annual

1 year

This Banners let to be seen

320x100 large mobile banner

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